We now have a reward/referral program for you

October 19, 2019

EdenMix now has a reward/referral program so you can win great prizes every time. With our referral program, you will be earning money for some little favors that will help our company get bigger and better.

How can I join and start earning?
 - Go to your left bottom corner and you will find a button that says Reward program;
 - Then click on the Join button so you can earn 250 points and start earing more;
 - Finally, share your referral link or do some tiny tasks to earn points.

Where can I use my points?
  You can spend your points on our reward menu for such things as:
    - 5€ off for 500 points;
    - 10€ off for 1000 points;
    - 25€ off 2500 points.
How can I become a VIP?
   To become a VIP member you have to spend a minimum of 500€ which will give you 2500 points to spend on rewards.
Note that any changes may occur due to a new reward program policy and will be informed in our blog.

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